patient and nurse reading

“It all started when I suffered from four strokes in April 2018 that affected my strength, swallowing, and ability to walk. I was in and out of the hospital, on a feeding tube, and had falls at home. When I came to Heritage Manor of Houma they provided the professional therapy services that I needed such as physical and occupational therapy 6 times a week and speech therapy 5 times a week. Occupational therapy taught me how to modify my dressing skills, perform basic hygiene, and complete transfers safely. Physical therapy helped me regain my standing balance, leg strength, and safety to walk again with a rolling walker without falling. Speech therapy performed Vital Stimulation, electrical stimulation, on my throat along with swallowing exercises in order to no longer aspirate and progress to normal food and thin liquids. The speech therapist even accompanied me to my swallow study appointment which helped me feel at peace during this process. The therapy team was so thrilled that I passed my swallow study that the occupational therapist said she will give me a juicy hamburger when I visit the facility. The therapy team gave me motivation to keep pushing through because I was ready to give up. I enjoyed my experience at Heritage Manor of Houma so much, that I have signed up to volunteer to help others like me.”
Cynthia C.

“I came here is December 2015 because I broke my leg. I was able to go home, then I fell and broke my leg again. I returned to Heritage Manor and began therapy. I enjoyed myself so much by going to the activity room, having coffee and meeting new friends. Everyone is happy to see me! I participate in most activities, attend lunch outings and am excited to go to church services. I found what I have been missing and they are God sent. Heritage Manor is a wonderful place and has taken such good care of me.”
Clara P., Resident

“I want to exercise so I can get better.  I also want to be an inspiration to others!”
Frederick G., Resident

“The therapy staff exceeded my expectations!  As a younger woman in need of one on one therapy, I had a misconception about going into a nursing home.  Once I was a resident, my focus was on getting stronger and more independent.  The Therapy staff not only helped me reach my physical goal, they allowed me to be more confident in my preparation to go home.  I was so satisfied with my care at Heritage Manor; I referred a neighbor and friend to Rehab to Home Program.”
Mrs. Patricia L., recent graduate of our Rehab to Home Program

“I was a volunteer at Heritage Manor for 9 years before I came to live here. I have lived here 2 years and I am very satisfied. They take good care of me and give me what I need.”
Hayes P.

“I have been a volunteer at Heritage Manor of Houma since 1985. They have taken care of three of my family members over the years and I have been very satisfied. Due to illness, I recently moved here. I am doing well and volunteering time to do a Rosary 1 to 2 times a week for other residents. Heritage Manor is now my home.”
O’Neil L.